Summer is ending and kids are going back to school! Before they go, take a minute to consider the importance of hydration during the school day.

The brain is made up of about 75% water, which means that staying hydrated is necessary for proper function. Being dehydrated impairs both attention and memory skills, as well as visual performance.

Children depend on adults to help them with their needs and making sure they have enough water is essential to keep them safe and healthy. To help keep your kid’s brain functioning at its best for the school year ahead, here are some hydration tips:

  • Offer water often. Children may not ask for water even when they’re thirsty.
  • Ensure that children drink plenty of water before and after athletic events
  • Send them with two re-usable water bottles, one for their lunchbox and one for their desk.
  • Remind them to drink water throughout the day, and not just when they feel thirsty.

Add an extra boost of hydration to their lunch by including juicy fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers and grapes. Offer children fruit- infused water as part of their after school snack. Making a habit of these simple hydration practices is essential for good health, and can benefit your child’s academic performance. Have a great 2017-2018 school year!