Tips for Gardening When it Rains



With all of the wet weather we’ve received this winter, you may think that there isn’t much gardening you could do when it rains. However, there are actually a number of things you can do to protect and maintain your landscaping so that it will thrive in spring.

Here are some good gardening tips from our friends at Green Thumb Nursery to help you get through the rainy season:

Preparing for Rain

  • Turn off automatic sprinklers during rainy weather.
  • If you are expecting an extended period of inclement weather, then move your potted plants to a protected spot.
  • Check to see if your rain gutters and drains are functioning properly; if they are clogged up or broken take necessary action (this procedure could also be performed before rains arrive).  But it is always best to double check during an actual rain event.

Inspecting Your Landscape

  • Inspect for damage. Check the stems to see if any are broken. Remove these badly broken stems to allow your plant to focus its energy on the remaining stems.
  • Check your drainage. If you are finding large amounts of water pooling in your garden then it is time to re-direct this water away. Plants sitting in water constantly run a high risk of root-rot. It might take a small amount of digging to create a little path for the excess water to drain away.
  • Rescue waterlogged pots. Outdoor container plants can die if the soil becomes saturated with water. Rescue pots by removing trays from under them.
  • During the rain or afterwards when the ground is moist and softer is the best time to pull weeds, especially the ones with tap roots like dandelions.

Source: Green Thumb Nursery