Facility Capacity Fees/Charges

Facility Capacity Fees/Charges

What is a Facility Capacity Fee (FCF)?

In accordance with the Castaic Lake Water Agency (CLWA) Act Section 26.1, all new developments requiring a retail connection to the water distribution system of any retail water distributor within CLWA that obtains all, or any portion, of its water supplies from the CLWA service area is subject to a Facility Capacity Fee (FCF).  As part of the permitting process, applicants must reimburse CLWA for the costs associated with water supply acquisition, facility capital investment, and facility operation and maintenance.

What is a Facility Capacity Charge (FCC)?

In addition to the determination and collection of FCFs for new development and associated retail connections, CLWA includes in its capital improvement plan and water supply portfolio facilities and supplies to accommodate additional demands on the water system not related to new development (e.g., tenant improvements, remodels or conversions, etc.).  Government Code Section 66013 allows for the imposition of capacity charges, separate from FCFs, that can be imposed on any person, firm, corporation or other entity that requests an additional water connection, a larger water connection, or in any other way increases the water usage required to serve a property as a result of new construction, the addition of any type of dwelling, commercial or industrial unit or units, or the conversion of all or a portion of any dwelling, commercial or industrial unit or units.

How to obtain a clearance from CLWA?

When applying for a permit from the City of Santa Clarita or from the County of Los Angeles, you will be given an Agency Referral check-off list as part of the permitting/plan check process. When CLWA is included as an agency to be cleared, you will need to contact:

Doug Richan

Engineering Tech II

(661) 297-1600 x233

e-mail: drichan@clwa.org

An appointment is required for any FCF/FCC business.  Please do not show up without an appointment or you may be turned away.

CLWA does not have an over-the-counter review of plans.  Please email your plans in a PDF format.  If emailing is not possible, you may drop off a set of the plans to the CLWA’s office (an appointment to drop off plans is required).  Plans will remain with CLWA and cannot be returned.

After a review of the plans, an assessment will be made for the FCF or FCC and if a payment is required. Doug will email an invoice of the fee/charge or will let you know that no fee is required.  After receiving payment (if required) CLWA will issue a Certificate of Compliance, which you will take to the city or county.  Receiving your Certificate is by appointment only.

You may request an estimate as well before you start the permitting process.  However, final plans are required to obtain an actual FCF/FCC.

Below are PDF files explaining the procedures in obtaining a certificate:

* These guidelines are not intended to be all-inclusive.