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As summer approaches we want to get outdoors and enjoy the color and foliage in our yards. We admire the beauty, smells, variety and natural aesthetics of the many plants that enhance the wonder of our landscapes.

Currently, the Santa Clarita Valley is in the midst of a severe drought. What does that mean for the splendor in our yards? If you think a drought tolerant garden is laden with rock, pebbles and very little color, then perhaps using the SCV-Friendly Plant Guide can help you select some colorful and water-saving plant choices to enhance your landscape.

The Santa Clarita Valley has a specific micro-climate. Our temperature is hot, dry, windy and has very little precipitation. The SCV-Friendly Plant Guide offers suggestions for approximately 65 plants including: perennials, trees, shrubs and groundcover (including grasses) that are adapted to our arid environment. The Guide also provides information about the specifics of each plant including: height, spread, if it produces flowers as well as sun and water needs.

Our Conservatory Garden at the Castaic Lake Water Agency has experimented with many of these plant species to determine their adaptability. For instance, Daylily, a perennial, is a flower of arching sword shaped leaves. Its height is 2-3 feet and they spread 2-3 feet. Daylilies prefer full sun to part shade and moderate water. This type of information, found in our SCV-Friendly Plant Guide can only make your job easier when planning a drought tolerant garden. Say goodbye to brown yards and say hello to lush, gorgeous, colorful landscapes!

The SCV Friendly Plant Guide is available at Print a copy to keep for reference. Additionally, your local nursery or home improvement store will also have a reference copy. Get inspired with a variety of colorful and water-saving plants for your landscape. Happy planting!

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