Landscaping Resources

Click on the image to view the Thrifty 30

Many people find gardening and landscaping in the Santa Clarita Valley to be challenging. Our summers are hot and dry with little precipitation. Our winters can dip below 32 degrees, which can make many plants freeze and die. And then there are the winds! Our newest publication, the Thrifty Thirty, contains the best water-efficient plants that survive and thrive in the Santa Clarita Valley. We chose them for their attractiveness and availability as well as their water efficiency.

You can open and view the Thrifty Thirty by clicking on the image to the right or pick one up our administration building located at: 27234 Bouquet Canyon Road, Santa Clarita, CA 91350

For a complete on-line list of water-efficient plants, check out This site contains the plants in the Thrifty Thirty and a whole lot more. You can sort for plants based on color, size and type to find just the right plant for your yard.