I’m Doing More

Over the past several years, California and the Santa Clarita Valley have been in an exceptional drought. Residents have been asked to reduce their water use in order to meet conservation targets set by the State Water Resources Control Board.

Many SCV residents saw our current circumstances as an opportunity to not only change their watering habits and irrigation practices, but to change their idea about what they think is beautiful landscape.

The SCV residents are doing more by taking that next step to ditch their lawns and replace it with beautiful drought tolerant and low maintenance alternatives. Not only have they reduced the time it takes to maintain their lawn and gardens, they have also reduced their outdoor water use significantly.

As these residents would tell, you, “I’m doing more,” during this drought and you should too.

The DIY Lawn Replacement section is meant to help you take those next steps.These SCV residents and their completed lawn replacement projects are meant to inspire anyone who is interested in taking the next steps to changing their landscape and improve their irrigation practices.