DIY Lawn Replacement


Homeowner: Eileen M., Newhall  |   Design: Mary Elizabeth of Songbird Sustainable Garden  |   Design Installation: David Fradkoff of David’s Landscaping


Welcome to Castaic Lake Water Agency’s DIY lawn replacement website!  This section of our website is designed to help anyone who is interested in taking the next steps to changing their landscape and improve their irrigation practices.

Did you know the average homeowner spends more than an hour a day taking care of their lawn and garden?  That precious time could be spent doing other things.

In the Santa Clarita Valley, up to 70% of our water is used outdoors.  Many residents are taking that next step to ditch the lawn and replace it with beautiful drought tolerant and low maintenance alternatives.  Grass has water needs that are twice that of any other plant you’ll see in a Santa Clarita landscape, so removing your lawn and replacing it with any other plant will save water.

Below is a quick overview of the steps to take to replace your lawn:

1. Identify the grass you want to remove

  • —Where, when and why should I remove my turf?

2.  Plan and design your new landscape

  • Select Irrigation
    • —Hydrozones
    • —Maximizing Water Savings
  • Select Plants
    • —Top 6 Shrubs in the SCV
    • —Top 5 Trees in the SCV
    • —Top 6 Groundcover in the SCV
  • Landscaping Resources

3. Kill and remove grass

  • —Things to know about killing turf
  • —Methods
    1. Herbicide
    2. Compost in place
    3. Sod Cutter

4. Get planting!

  • —How to Establish New Plants
  • —Overwatering
  • Irrigation Best Practices