School Education Programs

CLWA believes in the importance of educating our youth, our future leaders of tomorrow, on the benefits of protecting and conserving our water supply.

CLWA’s Education Program features interactive student activities that present interesting and age-appropriate water treatment and conservation topics. The curriculum is regularly updated to provide an enjoyable and educational experience for students, as well as to make sure they meet state framework criteria for each grade level.

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Parents, ask your child’s school if they are taking advantage of this free program! CLWA provides all classroom materials and transportation expenses at no cost to your school district. Please note that the program is available only to schools located within the CLWA service area.

Program Statistics

More than 13,000 students each year attend our fun and educational program developed by our Education Specialists.


Our programs are award-winning. In 2010, CLWA received a Communitas Award. In 2009, the CLWA School Education Program received the Golden Apple Award in recognition for an outstanding water education program. CLWA and the Castaic District Region 15 have received an Outstanding Contribution to Education. CLWA has also received an award from Association of California School Administration.