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CLWA general water news and interesting water-related information.

Importance of Groundwater

  Groundwater is the largest source of usable and renewable fresh water in the world. It is water that soaks into the soil from rain and other precipitation that percolates through layers of rock and sand to fill the spaces… Read More

Formation of a Groundwater Sustainability Agency for the Santa Clara River East River Valley Subbasin

NEWS RELEASE DATE: APRIL 3, 2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Groundwater Sustainability Agency Formation Work Group Dirk Marks, Castaic Lake Water Agency                              (661) 297-1600, ext. 297 Formation of a Groundwater Sustainability Agency for the Santa Clara River East River… Read More

CLWA Receives the GFOA Certificate of Achievement for its FY 2015/16 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

NEWS RELEASE DATE:  MARCH 30, 2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACTS: Matthew G. Stone, General Manager, CLWA                          661/297-1600 ext. 211 Valerie Pryor, Assistant General Manager, CLWA                   661 297-1600 ext. 257 CASTAIC LAKE WATER AGENCY RECEIVES THE GFOA CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT FOR… Read More

Lake Oroville Spillway Incident

    With our recent series of atmospheric rivers bringing several inches of rain and snow to California, reservoir levels have risen significantly.  Lake Oroville, located in Northern California and an important part of the State Water Project, reached its… Read More

Santa Clarita Water, a Division of CLWA, Receives the GFOA Distinguished Budget Presentation Award and the CSMFO Operating Budget Excellence Award for its FY 2016/17 Budget

NEWS RELEASE DATE:  FEBRUARY 22, 2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  CONTACTS: Matthew G. Stone, General Manager                                       661/297-1600 ext. 239 Keith Abercrombie, Retail Manager                                          661/259-2737                                    SANTA CLARITA WATER, A DIVISION OF CASTAIC LAKE WATER AGENCY, RECEIVES THE GFOA DISTINGUISHED BUDGET PRESENTATION AWARD… Read More

Atmospheric Rivers

What is an atmospheric river? You’ve probably heard the media refer to the recent winter storms we’ve experienced as part of an atmospheric river (AR), but what is it? Atmospheric rivers are relatively narrow regions in the atmosphere that are… Read More