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Santa Clarita Valley Water Committee Calls for Actions to Conserve Water Supplies
On July 15, 2014, State Water Resources Control Board (State Board) approved an emergency regulation for statewide urban water conservation. The new conservation regulation is intended to reduce outdoor urban water use. The emergency regulation stays in effect for 270 days, unless extended by the State Board due to ongoing drought conditions. Consistent with the actions contemplated in their 2010 Urban Water Management Plan, the Santa Clarita Valley’s (SCV) water suppliers are coordinating actions taken under their water shortage contingency plans through the Santa Clarita Valley Water Committee (Committee.) The objective of the Committee is to minimize drought impacts on SCV’s customers while conforming to the statewide drought mandates.

water conservation ordinance

The water suppliers, in accordance with the State of California, have acknowledged that the statewide drought condition has worsened. Thus in support of California’s water supply objectives, it is necessary for water users to increase the level of water conservation in the Santa Clarita Valley. The Prohibited Activities listed in the action plan are now mandatory. The water suppliers will continue to assess water supply conditions in 2014 and 2015. If water supply conditions continue to worsen, further actions may be necessary to ensure available water supplies for SCV customers, and complying with statewide drought measures.



This plan establishes water conservation measures to be taken by customers in response to the current drought conditions in California. Because water shortages are worsened by wasteful water use habits developed during times of sufficient supply, certain water-use efficient practices are encouraged at all times. The following action plan measures are mandatory for customers in the Santa Clarita Valley. The Prohibited Activities are subject up to a $500 fine for each account and for each day in which a violation occurs.

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